For customers facing problems due to static electricity we provide an evaluation service, and with our partner Fraser antistatic techniques  we pick from our stock, static neutralization equipment which solve the problem until the final customer’s solution is ready for installation.

Products for Industrial Applications

For ESD customers we can offer complete installations according to their needs. We can also offer from our static control line :

  • Grounding accessories,
  • Table and floor matting,
  • Anti-static bags and film,
  • Work benches,
  • Test instrumentation,
  • Garments,
  • Installation of ESD flooring systems,
  • And packaging material
Electronics/ESD products

Before any installation or procurement of ESD products, we can offer:

  • ESD audits/surveys
  • ESD seminars and training

OMSTAT also offers a series of compressed air equipment, energy efficient, like Air Amplifiers, Air knives, air jets, and vortex tubes for spot cooling, control panel cooling, tool cooling, and Safety Nozzles.

Compressed Air-operated products
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