Air Amplifiers

June 25, 2013

Air amplifiers or “air movers” from Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp., are a simple, inexpensive devices with virtually no maintenance that can convey fumes, smoke, lightweight materials and move a high volume of air for cooling, blow off and drying applications.


Replace fans, used for blow-off, cleaning, drying, cooling and conveying.

Blow off of water from the tops of cans, bottles prior to labeling, ink jetting, palletizing or packaging. Conveying light materials.

Blow off of chemicals or water prior to labeling or packaging.

Remove water from product or packaging.

Part ejection, fume removal, dust and liquid blow off from all types of parts, conveying away waste, ideal for replacing fans in some cooling operations such as tempering glass.

Coolant and other liquid removal on process lines from Aluminum, Steel, Brass or other materials. Dry metals prior to other operations such as plating or polishing. Cool metal parts prior to coating or painting. Coolant mist removal. Boost vacuum systems to remove grinding dust. Cool steel forgings.


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