7130 / 7150 Charging Electrodes

June 24, 2013

The new 7130/7150 Charging Electrodes are static generation Bars which provide a safe, controllable, reliable and cost-effective method of applying static charge for temporary adhesion in industry.

Robust charging electrodes to meet the temporary adhesion requirements of high performance machinery.

Tungsten emitters for a long, trouble-free life. Up to 4 x the life of non-tungsten emitters.

The emitters are spaced at 10mm pitch for an even application of static charge, without the striping effect common with wider spaced emitters.

The emitters are resistively coupled to the HV for safe, non-sparking performance. Each emitter has an individual HV resistance to the high voltage.

Compact size with rigid construction. Available in lengths up to 4000mm.

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